The constitution and rules have been adopted at the general meeting of Nordisk Sangerforbund in Oslo, Norway, May 17, 2014. The base has been the earlier constitution and rules as adopted May 21, 1956 in Bergen, Norway.

Name and objects of the association

§ 1. The name of the association is Nordisk Sangerforbund (NORDSF). Translated to other languages, the name of the association is: Swedish: Nordiska Sångarförbundet (NORDSF) Finnish: Pohjoismainen Mieskuoroliitto (PMKL) Icelandic: Samband Norraenna Karlakóra (SNK) English: Nordic Singers’ Association (NSA)

§ 2. The target of the association is to create and sustain contact between the national organizations and the individual male choirs in the Nordic – Baltic countries and, at a Nordic level, to encourage male choir singing in the participating countries.


§ 3. Members of NORDSF can be: – National associations which enrole male choirs. Only associations in the Nordic and the Baltic countries, including the autonomous territories, may become members of NORDSF. If there are more than one national association enrolling male choirs, all may become members of NORDSF. If the male choirs in a country is not represented by any male choir organization, but only through a major choral organization representing all types of choirs in the country, also this choral organization may be a member of NORDSF. – Associations in other countries, promoting male choir music from the Nordic and Baltic countries – Individual male choirs in the Nordic and the Baltic countries

§ 4. Choral associations, or individual male choirs, entitled to become a member, may apply to NORDSF for membership. Decisions regarding membership may be taken at general meetings and board meetings. This is also valid for request of membership terminations and member dismissals. If a member association, or individual male choir, wishes to terminate the membership of NORDSF, a request accompanied with a motivation shall be sent to NORDSF.

Activities and Finance

§ 5. The activities in NORDSF include: a) Sharing information between the members regarding the member associations, and individual male choirs, activities b) Promoting and supportinghe development of male choir singing in the respective countries. c) Supporting and enabling international contacts and interaction between Nordic and Baltic male choirs

§ 6. There is no annual fee for NORDSF membership. The association does not have any own economy, e.g. does not own bank account nor have balance sheet. Each member organization covers all costs related to the membership, including e.g. meeting, travelling or IT costs. There is a rotating presidency between the member organizations. All costs of the presidency stay in the particular member organization. The costs of the presidency include: – Organizing one general meeting during the period, preferably in connection with a national or international song festival – The level of hospitality shall be decided by the host organization; basically same rule applies that each member organization will cover own costs (travelling, accommodation, meals) related to the general meeting – Offering secretary services for NORDSF during the presidency period.

§ 7. The presidency period is three years, from one general meeting to the following one. NORDSF board agrees on a calendar of the up-coming presidencies.


§ 8. The highest decisive authority of NORDSF is the general meeting. At a general meeting, each member organization carries one vote. A member organization may send one representative. In case of equal number of votes during a voting, the vote of the chairman of the meeting is decisive.

The general meeting shall: – Evaluate the written activity report for the terminated 3-year presidency – Evaluate the written activity plan for the new 3-year presidency. – Elect President and Vice President for the NORDSF – Elect at minimum two and at maximum six other board members, representing as well as possible Nordic and Baltic countries. – Decide on new and ending NORDSF memberships. – Handle other matters, what members have wished to be included to the agenda

The summons to attend a general meeting shall be received by the members no later than 3 months prior to the meeting. In the summons to attend, all items of the agenda presently known, shall be mentioned and the members are requested to add proposals for inclusion in the agenda within three weeks. The agenda, with enclosures, shall be sent to the members no later than four weeks prior to the general meeting.

A member who cannot attend the general meeting may give a vote per letter or email. Such a vote shall be received by the President no later than five days prior to the general meeting.

§ 9. The board manages the activities of the association in accordance with this Constitution and Rules and according to the decisions of the general meeting. The board consists of the President, Vice President and 2-6 other members, who have been elected by the general meeting. The Vice President is preferably from the member association that will assume the next presidency. The President and the Vice President constitute a preparative and executive committee. The board shall specifically protect and aim for the objects of the association, prepare and execute decisions made by the general meeting and decides on new and ending NORDSF memberships between the general meetings. The board do not have any physical meetings between the general meetings. Instead, the international contacts are kept via email and video/telephone-conferencing. The board may decide in all matters not requiring a general meeting acc. to this Constitution and Rules.

Alterations to Constitution and Rules

§ 10. Alterations to Constitution and Rules is decided by a general meeting. For alterations to this Constitution and Rules, the alteration shall be recorded in the summons to attend which is to be sent three months prior to a general meeting and shall be supported by at least half of the members.

Dissolution of the association

§ 11. Dissolution of Nordisk Sangerforbund may be decided by a general meeting. For dissolution, this proposal shall be recorded in the summons to attend which is to be sent three months prior to a general meeting and shall be supported by all members. In connection with a decision of dissolution, a decision shall also be made on how to divide the assets of the association, including possible debts and other commitments.